NITL/SerCom Research Attracts Considerable Media Interest

(11 Mar 2009)

SerCom Solutions, in its recent survey, highlights the strong interest among Irish-based companies in developing trading links with South East Asia - and, in particular, China.

Despite the current economic recession, over 80 per cent of survey respondents see China as an opportunity for business, as opposed to a threat - with 57 per cent of companies surveyed, currently doing business in Asia, in some shape or form.

The survey, which was conducted by the research team at the National Institute for Transport & Logistics (NITL), also set out to gauge the need for supply chains that are both sustainable - i.e. environmentally friendly, with reduced CO2 footprint and less damaging to natural resources - and resilient - i.e. commercially efficient, robust, and meeting customer needs at an economic price. Being green and commercially efficient should not be mutually exclusive.

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