NITL Collaborate with University of Naples "Parthenope"

(03 Dec 2010)

NITL has had strong links in the south of Italy for over a decade. This collaboration is primarily with the various universities and research institutes based in the city of Naples. During a visit last year, NITL was invited by the Mayor of Naples to advise on various enterprise development activities of the city. NITL is pleased to announce the latest development in its Neapolitan collaboration.

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Antonio de Linares with Programme Director, Professor Renato Passaro and other staff of the University of Naples "Parthenope" outside the University’s Faculty of Engineering


Antonio de Linares of NITL is in Naples this week agreeing the final elements of a new educational collaboration with the University of Naples "Parthenope". The origins of the University of Naples "Parthenope" (in Italian: Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope") go back to 1919, when - at the request of Vice Admiral Leonardi Cattolica, considered the founder of the University - the Royal National Naval Institute was established. Following various upgrades over the decades the University now has a student population of approximately 15,000 students across five faculties. For further information about the University visit:

The University, in collaboration with NITL, have been successful in securing funding from the Government of Regione Campania – the region of Italy in which Naples is located – to support this new collaboration. This collaboration will involve a group of Italian students attending modules delivered by NITL in the spring of 2011. These modules will form part of a larger integrated programme that will lead to the award of a Masters degree in integrated logistics and freight transport by the University of Naples "Parthenope".

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Antonio de Linares with some of the students from the new collaborative Masters programme

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