Full-time MSc in Supply Chain Management


There is a growing recognition of the importance of logistics and Supply Chain management issues in companies in Ireland.The necessary improvements can not be achieved without properly educated and trained “supply chain professionals”. There is a prime need for the best young brains to provide a fresh, innovative impetus. In support of this need the M.Sc. in Supply Chain Management provides training and education of a high academic standard and relevant to modern industry. This full-time programme (see Format below for details) allows graduates, often with limited practical experience, to gain an MSc in Supply Chain Management by following a structured programme of modules which address both the theoretical and applied aspects of the subject. The M.Sc. in Supply Chain Management is aimed at the “high-flyers” who will be the world-class managers of the future.



The aim of the full-time M.Sc.programme is to develop these professionals - the leaders of change and business improvement in manufacturing, process, retail, transport and logistics service companies. It achieves this through broad-based vocational postgraduate education, providing the student with a thorough knowledge of and competence in the key elements of logistics and Supply Chain Management. The overall learning outcomes of the programme are to:

  • provide participants with a detailed knowledge of the theory and practice of Supply Chain Management;
  • develop graduates to contribute effectively to multi-discipline teamwork aimed at radical improvements in supply chain capability;
  • prepare graduates of all disciplines for a variety of roles in Supply Chain Management; and
    provide personal development opportunities for students in parallel with their meeting
  • career development objectives;

Participants are graduates of Level 8 programmes (or equivalent) in any relevant discipline. The programme is ideal for either graduates of supply chain specific programmes (e.g. TU Dublin's B.Sc. in Logistics and SCM, IIPMM's BBus in Business, Procurement and Supply Management) who wish to build upon the knowledge acquired at undergraduate level or as a conversion programme for graduates from other relevant disciplines. Applicants whose first language is not English should hold IELTS with a minimum of 6.5 in all components. There is an exceptional entry mechanism for individuals who do not hold the necessary academic entry requirements but who have extensive relevant practical experience in one or more aspects of SCM. Participants following the programme will generally aspire to a career in the logistics/supply chain management field in the sectors mentioned above.



  • Introduction to Supply Chain Management
  • Understanding Customer Service
  • Manufacturing Strategy and Operations
  • Physical Distribution Management
  • Purchasing
  • Information Technology in the Supply Chain
  • International Supply Chain Design
  • Business Strategy


  • Project Management
  • HRM in the Supply Chain

All students will also participate in Research Methods workshops which will assist them in the development of their dissertation.



Participants register for a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in Supply Chain Management. The programme is modular in format.Each module consists of 36 hours of tuition, which will take place over two weeks,and 64 hours self directed learning,which includes further research and the writing up of the related assignment. The standard registration period is one year.  To be considered for the award of the M.Sc. participants are required to complete a minimum of 9 modules and a major project and associated dissertation in accordance with the course regulations.

NITL’s approach to Supply Chain Management is based on the need for integration between the key supply chain activities of buy/make/move/store/sell. To achieve this requires that the management of material, financial and information flows is carried out in a holistic manner. Key enablers in this management process are technology, people and the tools which have been developed to support supply chain modeling and project management. The programme has been designed to expose students to all these elements.



Assessment is based on post-module assignments and the major project and associated dissertation. After attendance at each module, participants undertake a related assignment aimed at demonstrating both theoretical knowledge and industry best practice, and the resulting reports are marked and assessed by the NITL tutor.  Each M.Sc. candidate also undertakes a major project which accounts for 50% of the credit towards the Masters degree. The project will be based on either,

  1. a piece of relevant research carried out by the student, or
  2. a relevant company-based supply chain improvement initiative.

To achieve a Masters degree, participants must complete 9 assessed modules (i.e. fully attend and submit satisfactory post module assignments). M.Sc. candidates must also satisfy the examiners in their project, dissertation and an associated oral examination. The TU Dublin Examination Board ensures that the course achieves the high academic standards expected of a post-graduate course at an Irish University.



The full-time MSc in Supply Chain Management takes place in Dublin.



If you want more information or to register for 2021/2022 please contact 

Pamela O'Brien
TU Dublin - City Campus
Bolton Street, Dublin 1

e: Pamela O'Brien



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