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Research at NITL: Maintaining the “Cutting Edge”

A prime objective of NITL is to maintain its expertise, enhance its knowledge and sustain its position at the leading edge of Supply Chain Management (SCM), logistics development and sustainable transport in Ireland. NITL aims to be the first “port of call” for companies, relevant professional bodies, educational institutes and Government departments and agencies in Ireland seeking support and leadership around logistics, supply chain and sustainable transport issues. Sustaining its intellectual capital, scholarship and research provides NITL with the necessary knowledge and substance enabling the provision of such support and leadership. From a value-added standpoint, academic research has much to offer. The benefits of such research from an applied perspective are such that it provides us with the framework to be more open about the advantages and limitations of any given approach to logistics/SCM development. Research thus provides the opportunity to engage in debates about the relevance and application of new ideas with the necessary level of expertise. Thus, this knowledge can be transferred onto our applied research projects in the wider sustainable transport and logistics spectrum.

NITL is a unique institution in that it straddles both the public and private sectors; academic and industrial endeavours; domestic and global interests, but without a serious research faculty at the institute and the support it offers, education and support faculties at NITL exist in a vacuum. There is burgeoning demand for NITL’s products, knowledge and expertise and NITL have a mission to stay ahead. Simply put, “staying ahead” means “getting ahead” in the first instance.

NITL regularly publishes reports and white papers. Moreover, researchers at NITL are widely published in many academic and managerial journals and industry publications. A full list of our publications can be found in our Knowledge Base Database. Research Staff profiles and their areas of expertise can be found in our Staff Section.


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