Hytech Logistics introduce DOPsys

(24 May 2013)

Dublin based Hytech Logistics, an ISO certified company is leading the way in Technical Distribution having taken a supply chain process developed by its team for the last mile delivery of high value and sensitive equipment - Delivery, Offload and Position system (DOPsys), to the world stage.

Technical Distribution has been commercially in use worldwide in the IT sector since the introduction of computer mainframes in the 1960s. Today it involves the delivery and installation of crucial items such as populated server racks, uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), automatic teller machines (ATM,) printers and photocopiers, commercial safes, vending and point of sale (POS) machines, scientific and laboratory equipment.

The last two years has seen Hytech Logistics evaluate its technical distribution process whilst researching and working with industry experts to develop DOPsys and certify it as a new industry standard. “A crucial part of any supply chain is “final-mile” delivery – the last leg of the supply chain, in which products are delivered to required site and positioned to a point of use where they can be finally commissioned by technical staff if required,” according to Stuart Burke, managing director, Hytech Logistics.

"A company can move a product from China to Ireland clear it through customs, move it to a distribution centre and fulfil it in record time. But if it doesn’t deliver, offload and position the product to the end consumer in a high, quality assured standard, ready for commissioning then the company’s supply chain has failed."

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Brian Duffy, business development manager, Hytech Logistics, Paul Hyland, general manager, Hytech Logistics and Stuart Burke, managing director, Hytech Logistics at the company's announcement of its new certified technical distribution service - DOPsys.

DOPsys will offer manufacturers and their distributers the opportunity to have their product delivered, offloaded and positioned to the same industry certified standard anywhere in the world where previously the service was at best, inconsistent.

Technical distribution companies wishing to employ this industry standard as the benchmark for their “final-mile” delivery and installation may apply to Hytech Logistics to become certified DOPsys partners. As part of this certification, alongside the commitment to ensure that the right processes and equipment are in place there will also be a requirement that the staff employed have all demonstrated the necessary levels of expertise and competence to ensure that all delivery and final installation projects are completed to DOPsys standards. This certification of personnel will be completed by the Logistics Learning Alliance (LLA) in the UK.

LLA has worked with the Hytech Logistics' senior team to develop DOPsys Training Programmes which are the world’s first accredited programmes for Technical Distribution. Drivers and operators will now have a career development path to three levels (DOPsys Technician, DOPsys Supervisor and DOPsys Project Manager) covering levels 3, 4 and 5 of the UK Qualification Framework in Logistics and Supply Chain.

The first DOPsys certified technicians will complete their training in August 2013 ensuring Hytech Logistics launch the DOPsys service for its Irish clients in September with plans to launch internationally in early 2014. NITL looks forward to working with Hytech to make this initiative a success.


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