The Irish Emergency Logistics Team

(04 Dec 2013)


Who We Are…

The Irish Emergency Logistics Team (IELT) headed up by Will Holden, is setting out to put together a team of professional logisticians who are equipped with the leading edge knowledge and core competencies to provide a suite of logistics and supply chain management (SCM) support to NGO’s such as:
  • Humanitarian Emergency Logistics assistance
  • Emergency Logistics and Humanitarian Aid training packages –in conjunction with CILT Ireland
  • Disaster logistics preparedness and planning
  • Humanitarian logistics training
  • Humanitarian supply chain management training
  • Humanitarian supply chain procurement training
  • Humanitarian operations security & safety training
  • Humanitarian operations ethics & health training
  • Stress & Trauma Support –Pre Deployment training and Post Deployment follow up
The IELT project is based on the Logistics Emergency Team which was set up in 2008 by the World Economic Forum, member companies and the United Nations Global Logistics Cluster. It was a pioneering example of collaboration between several world-wide logistics companies and the humanitarian community.
However the IELT is different in a few areas:
  1. The IELT is open to expressions of interest from ALL companies based in Ireland who have Logistics Operations capacity that is relevant and available to humanitarians during natural disasters.
  2. This will be a self sustaining ‘not for profit’ entity separate to any specific company so can dedicate itself to full time humanitarian support.
  3. The IELT will be an overarching body which will work closely with other interested parties in order to support humanitarian organisations.
This is a smaller scale project as only companies based in Ireland can join up as opposed to the LET which is specifically open to world wide logistics companies only.
What We Do?
  • The Irish Emergency Logistics Team (IELT) may be deployed worldwide upon request from the United Nations Global Logistics Cluster and/or on request by a specific NGO.
  • Only those Emergency Logistics Team (IELT) volunteers who have received required screening, training and preparedness will be deployed to the field.
  • The Emergency Logistics Team (IELT) will also provide non-emergency support to humanitarian organizations, including logistics and SCM training, operations’ optimization, procurement support, and other logistics/SCM functions critical to humanitarian success.
  • The Irish Emergency Logistics Team (IELT) is supported by the global professional body for logistics & transport – The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport in Ireland.
  • This Irish Emergency Logistics Team (IELT) will provide a solid track record of deployments, based on agreed mechanisms and strong relationships with the UN's Global Logistics Cluster, led by the World Food Programme (WFP) and NGO’s.
  • The Stress & Trauma Support Team will teach the deployment personal how to manage their stress by utilising simple and effective procedures that are easy and quick to learn.
  • On returning from their deployment we can support the teams making sure that they do not experience trauma or compassion fatigue and work with those to eliminate it.
IELTs’ support through pre-agreed operating procedures and training which includes but is not limited to:
  • Logistics specialists (e.g. airport coordinators, airport managers and warehouse managers)
  • Logistics assets (e.g. warehouses, trucks, forklifts)
  • Logistics services (e.g. airlift, trucking, customs management)
  • Customs clearance services
  • Procurement & contracts management
What Is Needed
  • Financial Corporate Support Sponsors – There will be three levels of sponsorship available.
  • Dedicated Senior Management Support
  • Logistics Professionals – Volunteers who have a real passion to help those most in need
  • Governmental Support and assistance where required

For Further Information, read attached or
Please contact:
Will Holden CMILT
Director - Irish Emergency Logistics Team
Phone: 086 075 8607


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