NITL in the Media

Supply Chain Conference focuses on the positives

(10 Nov 2009)

NITL's recent Logistics Ireland Conference, held on the 20th October 2009, is reviewed in Fleet Transport Magazine, November 2009.

NITL's research project featured in DIT Research News

(26 Aug 2009)

NITL’s research activities have been once more featured in DIT’s periodical Research News magazine. NITL and its partners in a European research consortium focussing on co-modality and logistics research have been successful in attracting EU research funding.

Honorary MSc in Supply in Supply Chain Management awarded by NITL

(20 Jul 2009)

The HSE hosted a special day in Dr Steevens’ Hospital last February, when an Honorary MSc was posthumously awarded to the late Jim Kearney, former HSE Procurement, Contract and Account Manager. Volume 5, Issue 2 (Summer 2009) of ‘Healthmatters’

Managing the Packaging Supply Chain

(24 Jun 2009)

Edward Sweeney, Director of Learning at NITL, explains the ‘Four Fundamentals’ of Supply Chain Management and their application to the packaging industry.

Irish Times Supply Chain Management Report 18 March 2009

(19 Mar 2009)

Ireland’s peripheral location increases our transport costs, and companies based here have to be a lot better at managing the entire supply chain to compete, writes Barry McCall.

NITL/SerCom Research Attracts Considerable Media Interest

(11 Mar 2009)

SerCom Solutions, in its recent survey, highlights the strong interest among Irish-based companies in developing trading links with South East Asia - and, in particular, China.

Capitalising on our supply chain strengths

(04 Feb 2009)

Supply chain management used to be seen as something of an add-on, but not something that was critical to a business’s ultimate success. But many things that seemed superfluous in the past have proven to be absolutely crucial to the present. Far from being an add-on service, expertise in supply chain management could be something that saves Ireland from the jaws of a particularly nasty recession. Sunday Business Post 25th January 2009.

NITL's publication on supply chain capability in Ireland has been cited in DIT Research News

(22 Jan 2009)

NITL's publication on supply chain capability in Ireland has been cited in the recently published DIT Research News Magazine, which highlights a broad range of research activities and achievements across the different faculties within DIT.

Supplier savings really do stack up

(20 Dec 2008)

Dr. Claudia Wagner of NITL provided a lot of background information for this article which appeared recently in the Sunday Times.

Adding Value through Excellence

(03 Oct 2008)

Edward Sweeney, National Institute for Transport and Logistics (NITL) writes on enhancing shareholder value in the Pharmaceutical industry: the supply chain dimension. Irish Pharma Chem 2008, full article available to download.

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